Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 7: Wearing Scrubs

My first day wearing scrubs since nursing school.  This is an exciting thing for me.  In my previous nursing position, we were not supposed to wear full scrubs.  It was a home-like environment, and I understood the rationale.  However, whenever I had pictured myself as a nurse, it was always wearing scrubs.  I finally get to wear them again!  I'm going to kick cancer's butt in these scrubs!  This photo is kind of hilariously bad.  It is my rushed attempt at a self-portrait.  I'll work on it.  For my next self portrait I'll use a tripod instead of setting my camera on top of Daniel's jacket. 


  1. lol. You crack me up. Way to kick it in the butt in your rocking scrubs!! :D

  2. Nursing is hard...I think cancer is starting to kick me, and everyone else in the butt :( That made it sound like I have cancer, but I don't. :)